卓 澜




Zhuolan is a director from Inner Mongolia, China. She finished her B.S. in Oceanography at Tongji University and earned an M.A. in Cinema Studies from NYU Tisch. Grown up in a Mongolian family, she has a deep passion for nature and its connection with human beings, especially in ways of how people’s affection and emotions are implicitly yet greatly formed and influenced by nature. That is the locus that bonds her pursuits in both natural science and cinema. Besides her interest in visual storytelling, she is also fascinated by the sound of nature, the soundscape of breezes and the waves, human sensual eulogies and dance-steps, and this can probably explain her 4 years of being a local rock n roll band vocal. Now as a film director, Zhuolan wants to dedicate her works to present more stories of people of different identities in East Asia to the world.